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Our Giftmas Advent Calendar

From Monday, December 13, we're unveiling a new giveaway every day! We want to help you enhance your trading game before saying ‘so long and farewell’ to 2021. Over the 12 days you will have the chance to win free trades, financial counsel, access to exclusive investing insights, and some fabulous offers to heat up your wealth journey. Check out the calendar and scroll to the bottom to read Ts&Cs to make sure you're eligible. 

Note: Only days with emboldened descriptions have had prizes announced.

The First Day of Giftmas

The Second Day of Giftmas

The Third Day of Giftmas

December 13

December 14

December 15

The first day of Giftmas is here! Today's giveaway is for the kids: any minor account created from December 13 until December 24 during ASX trading hours will be credited with 10 free trades to help you get in the game.

Want to chuck a couple extra pineapples towards your investment goals? We've got you. We're giving away 10 free trades to 10 users. That's roughly $100 better spent on making you rich.

To enter, fill out the form below (we're capturing emails so we can contact winners, we're not storing your data, but Ts&Cs apply). It only has one question:

What are your investment goals?

Entries close at 5PM AEDT on Tuesday December 14. Winners will be notified before ASX trading on Wednesday, 10AM AEDT, and trades will be valid for three months.

We're not gonna lie, we see ALL of your trades and some of you need some help. Consider it given. For the third day of Giftmas, we’re giving away a free session with a financial advisor. This is an in-person (or on Zoom) chat where they’ll sit down with you, canvas your situation, and help you plot out a plan for long-term wealth generation.

To enter, we'd like you to bare all and tell us:

What was your worst investment decision and why?

Entries close at 5PM AEDT on Wednesday, December 15. Winners will be notified before ASX trading on Thursday, 10AM AEDT, and we’ll coordinate a time that works for you and our advisor.

Full Ts&Cs can be found below.

The Fourth Day of Giftmas

The Fifth Day of Giftmas

The Sixth Day of Giftmas

December 16

December 17

December 18

Your brain is your most powerful investment tool, and we're going to update it with a new download. We've tapped some of the finest investment brains we know (we're talking the top industry heavyweights, analysts, and educators) and asked them which book influenced their journey the most. Why should you care? 

Because we're giving them all away!

If you want to enter, you're in the wrong place. You'll have to visit THIS POST — where each investor explains why their chosen book will help you — and find the answer to this question:

Which book is rumoured to be getting its own Netflix series?

  • Competition runs until the ASX closes on December 16.
  • We'll choose five winners before the ASX closes on December 17.
  • You can only enter once. Duplicate entrants will be disqualified.
  • Books will be delivered in January, 2022. (Aus Post is chocka during Christmas.)
  • Ts&Cs apply.

On the fifth day of Giftmas, we're giving you the keys to a turbocharged data.

Earlier in the week we asked people 'what was your worst financial decision', and one of the most common answers was not doing the research. So, we decided to give away five annual subscriptions to SelfWealth Premium, valued at $240.

With SelfWealth Premium you can snoop on our top traders and the entire SelfWealth community, access exclusive research, and use the stock screener and access the advanced portfolio tool.

To enter, head to THIS INSTAGRAM POST and do the impossible: 

Comment with an explanation of blockchain… in 20 words or less.

You should know by now we love a little bit of spice. So, we’re awarding points for the most creative and hilarious answers.

Winners must follow SelfWealth on Instagram and have a current trading account with SelfWealth. The competition will be open until the ASX closes on December 17. Winners will be announced on Monday, December 20. Below Ts&Cs apply.

Christmas magic comes from giving. And because three is the magic number, we're giving everyone who refers a friend triple the amount of trades. That means referrals are going up from five to 15! Better yet, this offer is extended all weekend.

To enter, all you have to do is use your referral number. SelfWealth users will find their referral number in the 'get free trades' section at the top right of their dashboard using desktop. Copy the unique URL or use the social sharing tools for bulk amplification, and for every referral, 15 free trades will come into your account.

Here are the technical bits:

  • The promotion ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 19. 
  • Free trades are valid for 30 days
  • When you provide your referral number, the person referred will need to start the application process within 24 hours. (Not finish, we understand ID verification can take a while.)
  • All rules for our free trades referral program apply. You can read about them HERE and HERE
  • Below Ts&Cs apply

The Seventh Day of Giftmas

The Eighth Day of Giftmas

The Ninth Day of Giftmas

December 19

December 20

December 21

On day three of Giftmas we offered financial advice to those who told us their worst investment decisions. Now, we're giving it to someone who can tell us the opposite. 

To enter, click the link below and answer this question: 

What was your best investment decision and why? 

Entries close at 5PM AEDT on Sunday, December 19. Winners will be notified before ASX trading closes on Monday, December 20, and we’ll coordinate a time that works for you and our advisor.

Full Ts&Cs can be found below.

Today's prize is huge. It combines SelfWealth's commitment to increasing your investor savvy with one of our favourite content partners.

We've linked with Owen Rask — analyst, founder of Rask Media, and the runner of our weekly ASX Live Sessions — to give away 10 of his Rask Invest memberships, each valued at $399!

To enter, you'll have to watch today's ASX Live Session and play along at home through our quiz. 

Owen will be asking 10 questions throughout the session, and viewers will be submit their answers to this form. We'll then sort through the questions to find 10 winners, email them, and also name them in the YouTube comments section. 

Promotion begins at 12pm AEDT, December 20, 2021, and closes at 1:15pm AEDT, December 20, 2021.

Full Ts&Cs can be found below.

Do you have a SelfWealth account sitting idle waiting to get some skin in the game? Are you an active trader looking to invest in something new? Regardless of your position, we've got a huge prize for you. 

Today, we're giving two SelfWealth members $1000 AUD worth of Magellan MGOC holdings. Not too shabby at all for a Giftmas prezzie!

We're running this competition on Twitter. All you need to do to enter, is retweet this tweet with your answer to its question.

Who are the two MGOC portfolio managers?

Now, any time we give away this much loot, the legal team gets antsy and amps up the Ts&Cs. So we're being doubly clear: participation in this competition constitutes compliance with these Ts&Cs, and those listed here:

  • Each winner will win $1,000 worth of units (rounded down to the nearest whole unit) in the Magellan Global Fund – Open class Units (ARSN 126 366 961) (“MGOC”) issued by Magellan Asset Management Limited ABN 31 120 593 946 AFS Licence No. 304 301 (“Magellan”).
  • Each $1000 worth of units in MGOC will be rounded down to the nearest whole unit with the applicable price per unit to be based on most recently available net asset value per unit of MGOC at the time the units in the fund are issued or transferred.
  • The units in MGOC that are issued or transferred to the winner will be subject to MGOC’s current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) and by accepting the issuance or the transfer of units in the Fund the winner agrees to be bound by the provisions of the PDS and the MGOC Constitution (as amended from time to time). The PDS and TMD for MGOC can be found at www.magellangroup.com.au.
  • Magellan is not the promoter of this promotion and nothing in this promotion constitutes the offer of interests in MGOC.
  • Neither SelfWealth nor Magellan guarantees the future performance of MGOC, the amount or timing of any return from MGOC, or that the investment objectives of MGOC will be achieved.
  • Nothing in this promotion must be construed as the giving of investment advice or financial product advice to any entrant and the promotion does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular entrant.
  • SelfWealth reserves the right to pick which followers have best answered the question
  • Winners will be contacted before close of ASX trading on December 22
  • If winners cannot claim the prize, or don't within seven days, the prize will be redrawn
  • MGOC holding will be deposited within 21 days of winner announcement

Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Have retweeted the chosen tweet correctly answering the question during ASX trading hours on December 21, 2021
  • Follow SelfWealth on Twitter
  • Be a SelfWealth member
  • Consent to SelfWealth crediting their SelfWealth account with determined amount of MGOC holding

The Tenth Day of Giftmas

The Eleventh Day of Giftmas

The Twelfth Day of Giftmas

December 22

December 23

December 24

For Giftmas Day 10, we're winding it back with one of our most popular giveaways of the season — the gift of knowledge.

Last week, we collated a bunch of favourite investment resources from prominent educators in the space. This time we follow suit with leaders of top companies, industry's personalities, and leaders of the new-wave of investment knowledge.

Just like last week, we'll be picking five winners and sending them each book in the series.

All you need to do to enter is:

  • Use the below form to answer this question:

Who is the founder of Broke Girl Wealth?

This one's about family – yours and ours. Part of the holidays is about pulling together to help others, and today we're doing that by partnering with the Smith Family Foundation to support disadvantaged children. 

Our partnership with The Smith Family, Australia's leading children’s education charity, aims to help young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves. 

SelfWealth is supporting The Smith Family and Australian children in need by donating trading revenue from Thursday, December 23, to the value of $50,000.

How can you get involved? Simple — just trade!

Learn more about what we're doing with the Smith Family Foundation here.

For the 12th and final day of Giftmas, we want to do a treasure hunt.

We’ve hidden a SelfWealth Elf on our website, and the first 10 people to find it will be given 10 free trades.

When you find the elf, there is a link below it -- click the link to submit your details. If you're quick, you'll receive some free trades!

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  • The competition begins on December 13 at start of ASX trading, and ends on December 24 at the end of ASX trading.
  • Prizes will be announced daily, and values will either be declared or correspond to services issued.
  • Entrants to each 12 Days of Giftmas giveaway must abide by the mechanics outlined under each corresponding day. Mechanics will be announced daily. 
  • Winners will either be drawn ahead of time, announced on the day, or announced after the day of promotion.
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